How to finally start your first blog post

The problem isn’t why, it is actually how. Assuming that you have done your research and understand the importance of having a blog, but you’re stuck on what is the best way to actually start writing your first blog.

If that sounds familiar, it’s because it’s an incredibly common hurdle that business owners face when wanting to establish an online footprint. Luckily, the team at Lumeno want to help you overcome that hurdle and create a kickass blog that will help enhance your business’s online presence!

If you already have a website that was create by Lumeno Web, the first task is already done! The domain name and webhosting have already been taken care of, meaning you already have a functioning landing page for your brand. However, if we didn’t build a website for you, then you need to ensure you have somewhere to publish your first blog before we can continue.

Launch your site in 3 weeks!

Think about your Target Audience

It is important to understand that just like your company, your blog also needs to have a direction. Writing and posting random thoughts that come to mind that do not relate to your brand is not conducive to growing your business. Your content should be worthy of sharing, you need to think about who your readers are and why they chose to visit your business, as well as why they would want to share and discuss what you’ve written.

Develop a Unified Writing Style and Voice

Before you write a post you need to develop a unified writing style and voice that will represent your company and follow your current brand guidelines. Keep in mind that online content and social media is meant to have personality and the audience should still feel the human connection behind the text.

Provide Relevant Content

Make sure you are providing relevant content and keeping up to date with the latest discussions. Create a list of topics that correspond with your business services, and build a content repository of the latest articles relating to those topics. Doing this will allow you to join in existing discussion, facilitate new discussion, as well as share your own opinions and knowledge.

Use Eye-Catching Headings

It is important that you spend some time thinking about an eye-catching heading. The goal is to grab the user’s attention and encourage them to read the whole article. Users have a very short attention span, so to ensure your content is interesting and engaging it is important that you add images to help compliment your text.

Don’t Forget to add a CTA

And remember to add a call to action button, as you want to encourage users to reach out and contact you and your business. The main purpose of a blog is to build trust with your potential clients and to display that you are knowledgeable in your industry and therefore can do an excellent job at the services your business offers.

If you continually produce valuable blog posts that add value to your customers lives through entertainment or shared knowledge, your readers are encouraged to keep returning. A core base of followers, along with the right marketing tools used to represent your brand and find your target audience, are key factors in the level of success you will have in reaching your target market through the Internet.

Like any new task, with practice you will build confidence in your blog writing ability. If you stay organised using a content calendar to keep a writing schedule, this task will not feel so daunting. In fact to save time, and to stay ahead of the game, we recommend you make a habit of writing your blogs in batches. This allows you to keep a steady stream of content going in case your usual writing schedule is interrupted, which is important to maintain interest from your audience.

Learn more about the importance of writing blogs in batches.

We’d love to hear how your first blog post experience went, email us at to share your story and please include a link to your blog, because we would love to check it out!

Tara Brocklesby is a Project Manager and UX perfectionist. Originally from Melbourne, Australia she has been living in North America for the past two years, and according to her co-workers she still has that awesome Aussie accent. Embracing a “she’ll be right” attitude, she took a risk and left her job as a full-time developer for Bell Potter, a stockbroking company on Collins Street, to work at Chipinaw, a Summer Camp in Upstate New York.

After travelling around America and then nearly dying in Mexico, she decided to follow the path of many other Australians and work at Sunshine Village, a ski resort located in Banff, Canada.

Tara, has never been one to go with the flow, or take the easy road. She has worked hard while globe trotting to always find work relevant to her degree in Information Technology / Interactive Media from Deakin University. Her previous knowledge as a developer, as well as her supportive nature to help less tech-savvy people with computer or software issues has lead her into a well-suited role as a Quality Assurance Specialist and UX Designer for Aquanode Interactive.

Tara’s need for things to always be organised and perfect were the main driving forces behind her promotion to the role of Project Manager. While also wearing many other hats she is helping to build Lumeno Web into a fast-growing and top performing full service web agency in Calgary, AB.

Leaving her friends and family, to constantly seek new learning opportunities, often causes Tara to feel like she might be missing out. However, Tara is trying to spend more time taking a step back and viewing her life from different perspectives; because so far in her short 25 or so years of life, she has accomplished heaps!

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