Save time and get more done by batching your blogs

As business owners we understand the importance of having an online presence. We know that having social media accounts on all the relevant platforms and having a blog for our business is important in order to be successful. Which means we are also very aware of how time consuming it is to post to social media multiple times a day and publish a few blogs every week.

If you are currently writing your posts the day they are going to be published, then I’m guessing the following scenario rings true to you. Are you frantically thinking about something to write, and stressing about getting the post finished in hopes to publish it so that it corresponds with the most effective time frame to post to social media? As a result, have you forgotten to proofread or add a call to action link to your website?

If you are leaving your social media posts to the last minute, we can help! Email us at for a copy of our free Social Media Content Calendar.

Batching your blog content is very important to any busy business owner; which pretty much describes all of us. Writing your blogs and social media content in batches can help you be more productive, work more efficiently and save your valuable time. Once you start writing blogs in batches you will be more organised and will have (hopefully!) a whole month’s worth of content written ahead of time, which will allow you to be more strategic in your scheduling. As a result, you can write content based on your services and products and can crosslink your blogs to promote your own work and help generate more sales.

Tying this idea of blog batching back to the similarity of baking cookies, refers to the the fact that you would never bake just one cookie a day. However, if you did choose to do it that way, imagine the time and extra amounts of effort that would take. Compare this process to making a whole batch where you would have about two dozen cookies. Imagine if you were to get all the baking done at the start of the week, this would allow you to have more time to focus on other tasks; like the dishes! Relate this back to blogs and social media posts, and you can see why when you are in a good writing mood you should continue to write as many articles as possible. The same can be said for design, when your creative juices are flowing and you have the software open you should continue producing as many images as you are capable of creating. You can quickly see why the idea of batching your blogs makes so much more sense and is one of top tips shared amongst the writing community.

Every business manager is a little bit different in how they like to work or organise their week. Like most advice, it is best if you customise batch writing so it is most effective for you.

We are Lumeno do our batching as follows:

Have a Plan

We plan no more than two months in advance, and everything is ‘penciled in’. We at Lumeno like being organised but we also understand that if you focus too far into the future you will fall behind on what’s happening today and miss what the latest trends are. What was popular at the time of writing may not be worth talking about when you are scheduled to publish it.

Produce Multiple Sized Graphics

Each blog post needs three different sized graphics created for it (Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest). We have these correctly sized templates saved locally to ensure the working environment is ready for us to start designing the graphics straight away. It’s a lot quicker this way because all we have to do is change the image and the wording. With some minor tweaks to the positioning of the content, and messing around with the colour and choosing a different font – a set of social media graphics can be turned over within half an hour.

Build a Content Library

Throughout the week, we work on building our content library filled with great articles/research and graphics. This library becomes an inspiration of what to write about next whenever we are stuck for an idea.

Set a Realistic Post Achievement

With our current workload, we decided that one blog a week was enough work and a reasonable goal to achieve. This schedule will be revisited at a later date and the blog postings will increase to 1-3 times a week.

Produce a Month’s Worth of Work in Three Days

Day One – Choose four topics from our content repository, we write two blogs today. After finishing the writing we have a break and focus on some other work. Then we move on to designing the graphics.

Day Two – Write the blogs for the remaining two topics, and then design the graphics.

Day Three – Proofread blogs, edit and improve the month worth of posts. Review content calendar and upload blogs and social media posts to be scheduled for their publish date.

To ensure the process of batching worked best for us we put our own spin on it. We split the four blogs over the two days and worked on both writing and design on both day one and two. To follow the exact process of batching would mean we should have been writing one day and designed the next day. However, when we tried this we found that we were procrastinating more. In our office we enjoy design, so accomplishing the task of writing two blogs allowed us to look forward to designing the graphics later in the day, and kept us motivated. During the “break” is a perfect time to check emails, and follow up with clients’ requests.

Batching allows you to focus on the main task and cut down on distractions caused by multitasking. Blogging can help your business grow, but it can also be very time consuming if not done right. 

We at Lumeno Web would love to hear how you blog more effectively, let us know in the comments below.

Tara Brocklesby is a Project Manager and UX perfectionist. Originally from Melbourne, Australia she has been living in North America for the past two years, and according to her co-workers she still has that awesome Aussie accent. Embracing a “she’ll be right” attitude, she took a risk and left her job as a full-time developer for Bell Potter, a stockbroking company on Collins Street, to work at Chipinaw, a Summer Camp in Upstate New York.

After travelling around America and then nearly dying in Mexico, she decided to follow the path of many other Australians and work at Sunshine Village, a ski resort located in Banff, Canada.

Tara, has never been one to go with the flow, or take the easy road. She has worked hard while globe trotting to always find work relevant to her degree in Information Technology / Interactive Media from Deakin University. Her previous knowledge as a developer, as well as her supportive nature to help less tech-savvy people with computer or software issues has lead her into a well-suited role as a Quality Assurance Specialist and UX Designer for Aquanode Interactive.

Tara’s need for things to always be organised and perfect were the main driving forces behind her promotion to the role of Project Manager. While also wearing many other hats she is helping to build Lumeno Web into a fast-growing and top performing full service web agency in Calgary, AB.

Leaving her friends and family, to constantly seek new learning opportunities, often causes Tara to feel like she might be missing out. However, Tara is trying to spend more time taking a step back and viewing her life from different perspectives; because so far in her short 25 or so years of life, she has accomplished heaps!

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