Why you should add a blog to your business website ASAP

Why does my business website need a blog, and if I totally suck at writing is it even important to have one?

The answer is yes your business does need a blog and yes, even if you hate writing and believe that you aren’t very good at it, you should still be blogging. Why? Well firstly, we all know that most consumers turn to Google to search for the best company to provide a service. Anyone else been sent a LMGTFY link from a coworker or friend?

What is LMGTFY?

SEO Friendly

No doubt you want your company to stand out from the crowd and appear on the first page of a Google search results, when they type in keywords regarding your business. Well Google’s algorithm takes regular content into consideration when displaying search results. If you have a website where the content is stale and doesn’t get updated very regularly, than Google doesn’t know if your company is still in business. By posting regular content relevant to your business to your blog allows your business to be SEO friendly. As a result you are more likely to reach those potential customers and your business will be easier for people to find.

Knowledgeable and Trustworthy

Using a blog to post tips and advice, and share your knowledge with your target audience, allows you to build a client base with people that will see you as an expert in your field. These types of posts which focus on offering free help to people allows your business to be seen as knowledgeable and trustworthy. This relationship will encourage people to return to your business’ websites and engage with your employees for tips and advice. As a result, this will bring more traffic to your brand, and build your company’s online presence.

Cross Promotion

Having a blog allows you to cross promote your posts and company brand on multiple social media platforms. Using an eye catching headline and drawing your audience in is a great promotional lead to direct them to your business website. By using a blog to build on your social media marketing strategy, you have the potential to engage with a wider audience and build a larger client base.


To have a strong online presence your business website does need a blog and posting content consistently to your blog will ensure you are getting the most out of it. However, there are no concrete rules saying you have to post every day. The key is consistency, so make sure you work out a schedule that works best for you. If you can’t post every day and you are beginning to dread the process, don’t force yourself to write. It is important that you get relevant and interesting content on your blog in order to enhance your SEO rating. If that means you can only commit to posting twice a week, than that is better than nothing.

To help get you started, we at Lumeno have put together 30 blog ideas. And because everyone loves a freebie we will send you the free printable today.

Tara Brocklesby is a Project Manager and UX perfectionist. Originally from Melbourne, Australia she has been living in North America for the past two years, and according to her co-workers she still has that awesome Aussie accent. Embracing a “she’ll be right” attitude, she took a risk and left her job as a full-time developer for Bell Potter, a stockbroking company on Collins Street, to work at Chipinaw, a Summer Camp in Upstate New York.

After travelling around America and then nearly dying in Mexico, she decided to follow the path of many other Australians and work at Sunshine Village, a ski resort located in Banff, Canada.

Tara, has never been one to go with the flow, or take the easy road. She has worked hard while globe trotting to always find work relevant to her degree in Information Technology / Interactive Media from Deakin University. Her previous knowledge as a developer, as well as her supportive nature to help less tech-savvy people with computer or software issues has lead her into a well-suited role as a Quality Assurance Specialist and UX Designer for Aquanode Interactive.

Tara’s need for things to always be organised and perfect were the main driving forces behind her promotion to the role of Project Manager. While also wearing many other hats she is helping to build Lumeno Web into a fast-growing and top performing full service web agency in Calgary, AB.

Leaving her friends and family, to constantly seek new learning opportunities, often causes Tara to feel like she might be missing out. However, Tara is trying to spend more time taking a step back and viewing her life from different perspectives; because so far in her short 25 or so years of life, she has accomplished heaps!

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